Product FAQ

Are your saliva detox kits guaranteed to work?

Yes when used as directed our detox formulas will rid your saliva of all toxins and ensure you pass any type of saliva screening. Manufactured in the US the products are effective proven and reliable.

How long are the mouthwash kits good for?

Saliva mouthwash detox kits come brand new from the lab in which they are processed. We ensure every kit you buy to be the newest formula out with a full two year expiration date.

Can you drink the saliva mouthwash?

NO! absolutely not! There is no need to ingest our product, you simply swish half of the contents in your mouth for roughly 3 minutes spit that out and repeat the process with the remaining mouthwash. Please note you must use the entire contents for it to be effective, once the process is complete you saliva will be toxin free for a full 45 minutes.

Can I brush my teeth prior to using the saliva cleaner?

Yes but not after, brushing the day of is always a good idea. Be sure to brush your teeth gums and mouth walls prior to your test date.

I have smoked a lot and have a high toxin level should I use two?

Although this may be a good idea it is not required. We have tested people with high levels of toxins prior to using our saliva mouthwash and is was still effective using the full contents of one kit. Now if you want to stock up and play it safe that is never a bad idea.

How long before I get my saliva test results back?

In most cases saliva testing is administered through the quick process of a dip stick. The tester may ask you to place a sponge type dip stick under your tongue for two minutes which will give them an instant result on the spot. In more advanced methods your saliva may be tested in a lab setting, in any circumstance our product will deliver a passing result.

Billing and Shipping FAQ

What will show up on my credit card statement?

All orders placed of the internet or telephone will be billed and shipped discreetly as CA LOGISTICS LLC to ensure your privacy.

Will the product be shipped discreetly?

Yes, We respect your privacy to the fullest. All orders will be packaged and shipped discreetly with a FedEx label that reads CA LOGISTICS LLC on the label.

How will I track my order?

All orders will come with complete online and mobile tracking via FedEx. Please be sure to use a current and  correct email address upon checkout to ensure you can track your package.

Will I have to sign for my package?

No, not unless your order total exceeds $100usd, In most cases the package will be left on your door step via FedEx unless otherwise noted.

Shipping cutoff times?

Please note our business hours are Monday- Friday from 9am PST-5pm PST. All online and phone orders placed after the 3pm PST cutoff time will be shipped out the next business day. Please refer to our shipping page to receive an accurate time for delivery prior to making your shipping decision.

Missed delivery due to weather?

In the un common event your package is delayed due to weather in the winter months CA LOGISTICS LLC will not be held liable. If you live in a state that is adversely effect by weather in the winter months please call our office prior to ordering so we can make sure FedEx can deliver on time. No refunds will be issued due to weather related problems. The only refunds that can be granted are direct carrier issues such as mechanical issues on behalf of FedEx.

Where is my order shipping from?

We are gladly delivering passing results to our customers through our distribution facility in the sunny sate of NV Las Vegas. Our superior sunny weather ensures FedEx flights get out in time and you receive your product.

Can I get something delivered on a Saturday?

Yes we do offer a Saturday express option, all orders for Saturday deliver must be placed by 3pm PST Friday. This excludes all holidays, if you are unsure what we mean please call in do not guess.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our product line we CAN NOT accept returns once they are in your possession. W e can not and will not resell a product once it has been in someone else’s possession as this could compromise the effectiveness. In simpler terms if you change your mind, don’t want it or did not use it we suggest you sell it online or keep it for backup. All sales are final so please make sure you want the item prior to purchasing it.

Something is missing from my order-Failed test claims

All product shortages must be reported within 72 hours to ensure we can cross reference the claim or mistake with our camera system on the shipping line. All claims of shortages after the 72 hour period will be subject to managers approval. Please note all saliva sales are final! There will be no refunds after your purchase if you change your mind, this ensures people they are getting product that has never been tampered with. If you claim the product was not effective you MUST provide a copy of the negative test results as well as a photocopy of you ID to obtain a refund. Please allow 7-10 business days for us to process your transaction.

Payment Options

We currently off PayPal and a private bank processor for all secure credit card transactions. We currently accept Visa MasterCard Discover and Amex through our secure network for payment. All orders are billed discreetly  as QUICK FIX LLC and will be accompanied with an emailed receipt and hard copy in your box. If you would like to place a phone order we can be reached at the following number 1-866-420-4566 during normal business hours.

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