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Saliva Testing

What is a Saliva Test

When saliva is tested, laboratory equipment is used to test the liquid. The equipment helps companies screen people for medical conditions and diseases, such as hypogonadism or parasites. There are also a few United States government organizations that use saliva testing devices. For example, astronauts are thoroughly tested before they take flights, and soldiers are tested while they undergo survival training.

Most companies use enzyme-link immunosorbent assay, high-resolution mass spectrometry, and other technologies when tests are performed. Each method can detect particular molecules, such as secretroy IgA or C-reactive protein. During this kind of testing, a tiny amount of saliva is placed into a sterile tube. Then, the saliva is sent to a laboratory so that it can be properly processed.

Overall, a saliva test is an easy way to look at an individual’s hormone levels more accurately. Because the results are dependable, testers can determine if the hormones are properly absorbed. A prescription is not required to perform the test.

Why Companies Test Saliva


Many companies perform saliva tests instead of other tests because it is not invasive. This is important because the patient is never at risk. The test is also convenient since the specimens can be collected at any time during the day.

However, most companies perform the test because it is very precise. The biologically fraction of a steroid hormone is measured accurately in saliva at the tissue level. Throughout the day, hormone levels often vary; this is why the testers collect many specimens when they need precise measurements.

Because some jobs can be dangerous, managers perform a variety of drug tests to protect themselves and other employees. For example, employees who use heavy machinery must always be alert so that they can operate the equipment safely and efficiently. Food service employees must stay alert too; if a prep cook uses drugs, a sharp knife could cause an injury during the process of cutting and slicing the meats and veggies.

Companies also perform saliva tests and other tests to avoid issues down the road. In most cases, a simple drug problem can develop into a major issue, which can affect an entire company. This is why most businesses pay for drug testing equipment upfront. This strategy helps managers avoid costly errors later on.

How to Pass the Test

There are several ways to pass a saliva test. However, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Method One

Method One

You can easily pass the test if you wait until the drugs leave your body. They usually clear out of your system naturally within a certain period of time. Usually, when people use this method, they pass the test within a few days.

Method Two

Method Two

A detox product can also help you pass a saliva test. For nearly 15 years, mouthwash has been used as a short-term solution.

Additional Considerations

To pass a saliva test successfully, you must understand the test’s strengths and weaknesses. Scientists designed the test because many people learned how to beat the urine test quite easily. Many companies decided that a saliva test is a much better option since the process of running a urine test is time-consuming and complicated for untrained employees.


Because a saliva test can be done without notice, you must always be prepared. The best way to avoid a possible failure is to keep a bottle of mouthwash in your pocket at all times.

Product Recommendations


Ultra Clean

Since most companies perform saliva tests without warning, you must use a product that acts quickly without being detected. Ultra Clean is a great option because it provides results within minutes. In addition, it remains effective for about an hour. The biggest benefit, however, is the price. You can purchase a bottle of Ultra Clean for under $30.

Ultra Clean can prevent the detection of cocaine, nicotine, and marijuana. It can also hide prescription medication from the testers.

The process of using the product is very easy. You must swish the liquid in your mouth for several minutes like a traditional mouthwash. After you rinse, you will be ready for the saliva test.


How Does Ultra Clean Work

When drugs are used, the body stores the by-product in fatty cells. The by-product is called metabolites. Over time, the metabolites travel in the blood and move into the urinary tract. At this point, the metabolites move through the saliva. This is why most people fail their lab tests.

Ultra Wash is effective because it flushes out the metabolites for a limited length of time. Because the product is made with natural ingredients, it is totally safe to use. To increase your chance of success, do not eat or drink anything until you take the saliva test. Also, do not chew tobacco or smoke because these tasks will affect your results.

The Best Time To Use Ultra Clean

You must use the product when your saliva does not have any detectable metabolites. There are a variety of detoxification zones that have different starting points. The saliva detoxification zone begins 10 minutes after Ultra Wash is used. This means that you will pass the lab screening test if you take the test shortly after you cleanse your mouth with the product.

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 Magnum Saliva Cleaner

Magnum Detox is another product that can successfully eliminate toxins. To use the product, you must swish the liquid around in your mouth for about three minutes. Once the cleansing process is complete, simply spit the product out of your mouth. Although the product is made with safe ingredients, you should not swallow it. To achieve the best results, do not brush your teeth after you rinse your mouth. Also, do not drink any beverages for about four hours.

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